Tragedy of WWII: Exile and Two Polands | 1939 - mid 1950s

Basia Zarzycka

Fashion Designer Basia Zarzycka (b. Birmingham)


‘It is no secret that I wear only black, but in my work,  I am very colourful. My world is full of colour, flowers, fairytales, jewels, Polish folklore, seeking beauty spontaneously in everything around me. My life long love affair in creating, includes wearable art, wedding dresses, jewellery and accessories. After 30 years of having a shop and studio in Sloane Square, I now work in Vietnam as Art Director. The last three years have involved me, in creating a magical fantasy world of interiors, in a splendid bespoke  colonial boutique hotel in Saigon. Producing the hugest magical 8 Metres long bejewelled chandeliers, to the wrought iron floral forest gates, adorned with exotic birds and nests. With my Polish roots and strength of character, I am following and believing in my dream. I feel am one of luckiest women in the world, because I truly love what I do.’ Basia Zarzycka

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